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Departments & Services

Interventional Pain Management
Specializing in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Pain
If you have chronic pain, you’re probably familiar with the phrase pain management. Our Pain Management Specialists can work with you to deal with your long-term pain in ways that help you find daily pain relief. The pain management team sees over 15,000 patients a year, and that number continues to grow as services expand. Our multidisciplinary approach combines traditional medication management with physical therapy, surgical and interventional procedures. Learn More

Juvenate Medical Wellness
Functional Medicine & Rejuvenation
At Juvenate Medical Wellness and Rejuvenation, Dr. Mann and her team are committed to a new model of medical care that combines the best of conventional medicine and integrative/functional medicine to provide individualized care and help attain wellness through the body’s inherent healing capacity. She encourages patients to become active partners in achieving their well-being. Dr. Mann’s goal for her patients is to achieve and maintain wellness by building on the foundations to good health, which include optimal nutrition, adequate sleep, regular movement, mind-body stress management, medical grade supplements and hormone optimization. Learn More

Radiation Oncology
Local, Compassionate Cancer Care
At Garden State Radiation Oncology, we pride ourselves on giving each patient the personal attention and care they need and deserve. To us, this means real service delivered by real doctors to real people who have real needs. It is spending that extra time with any patient who may need it. Learn More

Manchester Surgery Center
Excellence in Minimally-Invasive Surgery
Recent advances in medical technology, combined with refinements in the delivery of health care services, have made outpatient surgery centers a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative for many surgical patients. Manchester Surgery Center at GS Medical— a state licensed, freestanding surgical facility— offers the security and quality of a hospital, but with greater comfort and convenience. Learn More