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Supporting the spine with a back brace has long been known to provide relief from low back pain. Current clinical research has shown that supporting the lower back can reduce pain, improve functional status, and lower the need for medication. Recently conducted bio-mechanical research indicates that braces can provide significant relief to patients by reducing excessive trunk muscle co-contraction, which prevents muscle spasm from compounding the original pain. With modern materials and new compression technology, today’s braces bring pain relief to a new level. The GS Medical Center serves patients in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ, with locations in Toms River, Brick, and other cities.

A back brace is an external support your doctor may prescribe to reduce movement, provide extra support, keep the spine in a fixed position, and to treat particular types of spinal deformity. Depending on your spine problem, a spinal brace may help reduce pain too. Spinal braces are used to treat many different spinal disorders such as neck or back sprain/strain, spondylosis, adolescent scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, fracture, and after certain types of spine surgery. The goal of bracing is to provide support and promote healing.

A back brace or spinal brace (which your doctor may refer to as an orthotic or orthosis) can accomplish a number of treatment goals. It can limit motion, stabilize weak or injured spinal structures, and/or prevent the progression of spinal deformity. Because it’s such a multi-purpose treatment, bracing may benefit many spinal conditions.

Back braces should be considered one of the first options to manage your pain. This is because they are non-invasive, totally reversible (they may be removed), and can prevent the need for potentially addictive pharmaceutical medication.

Doctor-prescribed spinal brace treatment

Your treatment plan may involve wearing the brace all the time for a certain number of weeks or months. To benefit fully from brace treatment, it is important to follow your doctor’s prescribed plan. Treatment may include an exercise program to build muscle strength, endurance, and increase flexibility.

Our pain specialists are trained in the design and fit of braces, so he or she will determine the right type and fit of brace for you. It’s essential that the fit of the brace is customized. A spinal brace is not as effective if it doesn’t have the proper fit. If you have questions about your spinal brace and how it might help your spinal condition, don’t hesitate to talk to contact one of our pain specialists today.the anesthesiologist. On the day of the procedure you will be seen by a nurse, who will take your vital signs, start your intravenous line (if necessary), and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Around the site of an injury or strain, back muscles naturally tighten to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, this muscle guarding phenomenon overworks these muscles leading to muscle spasm and pain. Braces deliver localized compression directly to these overworked muscles relieving spasms and reducing pain. The self adjusting back panels then contour precisely to your spine for maximum support and pain relief.

Medicare and most private health insurance companies do offer coverage for this treatment option. Your coverage would be checked by one of our insurance consultants to ensure coverage.

Braces are basically categorized as being soft or rigid. Some braces are pre-fabricated from a mold and designed using plastic, elastic, metal, and woven materials. Soft braces provide muscular support during movement. Rigid braces restrict movement.

If you think you need a brace, first talk to a doctor. While there are many types of braces available without a prescription, it is important your doctor knows why you are using a brace and how often you wear it. A brace can help support your back and ease pain, but prolonged brace use (without your doctor’s recommendation) may lead to muscle weakness.

Yes, a brace can be worn underneath clothing, but a cotton undershirt is recommended next to the skin for optimum comfort.

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