What is failed back surgery syndrome?

This is when patients fail to improve or worsen after spine surgery. Patients will continue to take large amounts of pain medication and are unable to return to normal activities. It is not one specific problem, but rather a term for people who back surgery didn’t help.

What causes failed back surgery syndrome?

There are many causes for failed back syndrome including unrealistic expectations (they wanted to feel like they were twenty), incorrect diagnosis and treatment, correct diagnosis but wrong surgery or the problem was not properly fixed.

What are symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome?

A new problem may form after surgery such as disk herniation, blood clot, infection or scar tissue. Muscle damage or bone removal may lead to spinal weakness, instability and new severe pain.

How do we treat failed back surgery syndrome?

Depending on the symptoms, there are a couple of routes our doctors can take. We could treat the symptoms with medication, injections, or a minimally invasive procedure. These procedures include spinal cord stimulators and radiofrequency ablations.

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