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Vascular Clinic at GSMC

Clinicians at the Garden State Medical Center Vein Clinic are leaders in the development and use of medical, surgical and endovascular interventions to diagnose, treat and prevent complications of peripheral artery disease (PAD), a circulatory condition in which arteries narrowed by atherosclerosis reduce blood flow to the limbs, particularly to the legs and arms.

According to the Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition, an estimated eight to 12 million Americans are at risk for PAD, and this statistic is increasing as the population of baby boomers ages.

Specialists Dedicated to Noninvasive Vascular Imaging

Our team includes experts in diagnostic imaging who are specially trained to detect abnormalities in the vascular system and whose practice focuses specifically on vascular disease. These vascular imaging specialists are board certified in vascular medicine, vascular surgery, general radiology and are fellowship trained with additional specialization in vascular procedures.

To accurately diagnose peripheral artery disease, our specialists rely on noninvasive tests that use cuffs similar to those used to measure blood pressure. These tests can be performed during a regular office visit and include: