Are you a veteran suffering from PTSD?

October 13, 2022 0

Thomas Lembo was a Vietnam veteran and a retired police officer who served 30 years on the force in Elizabeth, NJ. Thomas described the horrors he dealt with during his career. “I have seen and been through things in my life that people only see in war movies. I have had several violent and disturbing encounters including a chemical explosion, being shot at, stabbed, and run over. I have been through things that no one should ever have to go through or see in their lifetime.”

These life events led Thomas to suffer from PTSD. He explained, “Up until 3 years ago I became more aware of my mortality. I felt like my armor fell off that I had on all these years. Everything started going bad in my life. I had nightmares daily. I couldn’t sleep. I was depressed and always on edge. All the years of trauma caught up with me and I was suffering.” Thomas knew he had to figure out something to help him deal with his PTSD. He and his wife found out about stellate ganglion injections, and he quickly asked his primary doctor about them. His doctor recommended Dr. Mann and after a thorough description of the procedure, Thomas decided to proceed. After a quick recovery, Thomas had this to say about the stellate ganglion injections.

“Within 3 days I felt instant relief. I was much more relaxed. I don’t have nightmares anymore. I feel like there is a weight lifted off of me that had been pulling me down.” “This has changed my life. I was at a loss, and because of receiving the injection I have my life back. It has been a revelation.”


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