31 Things To Do In December That Are Better Than Smoking

December 6, 2022 0

Quit Smoking This December!

1. Read A Book

2. Go For A Walk

3. Chew A Piece Of Gum

4. Call A Friend

5. Drink A Cup Of Tea

6. Give Someone A Hug

7. Clean Out A Closet

8. Organize A Junk Drawer

9. Write A Poem

10. Organize Computer Files

11. Teach Yourself How To Knit

12. Plan Your Meals For The Week

13. Bake Some Cookies

14. Ride Your Bike

15. Spend Time With Family

16. Watch A Movie

17. Draw Some Pictures

18. Take A Nap

19. Meditate

20. Brush Your Teeth

21. Eat A Healthy Snack

22. Do A Crossword Puzzle

Smoking Is The #1 Cause Of Lung Cancer

23. Go Bowling

24. Take A Warm Shower

25. Write In A Journal

26. Play A Board Game

27. Sing Karaoke

28. Stretch

29. Learn An Instrument

30. Play A Sport

31. Relax On The Couch

You Can Do This!

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