10 Benefits of Yoga – It Doesn’t Just Help the Lower Back!

July 30, 2018 0

Yoga has been a part of some cultures for more than 5000 years but has only in recent decades gained true popularity in the United States as more and more people discover the true benefits of yoga.

While it was first used as a form of spiritual practice in the Hindu faith it has long since expanded into an exercise used for physical and mental wellness around the world.

Check out these 10 awesome benefits of yoga and why you may want to start and end your day taking a little time to say “Namaste”

1. Cardio and Circulatory Wellness

Over 30 different studies on the correlation between yoga and heart health and it’s definitely an effective way to improve your heart health and cardio wellness.

Many people mistakenly think that yoga isn’t fast enough paced to give you the benefit of a good cardio workout.

The right combination of yoga moves added to your workout can be just as effective for your heart and cardio health as aerobics and other faster-paced workouts.

The great thing about yoga is that there’s much less hard impact on your joints and the rest of your body. You can give your heart the exercise and workout it needs without the wear and tear caused by activities like jogging or high impact aerobics.

2. Maintaining a Balanced Metabolism

Yoga can be a great way to boost and balance your metabolism. This will keep your body working like a well-oiled machine, help give you energy and lose weight if that’s the desired outcome.

The right moves can maximize the benefits of yoga for your metabolism.

Some of the poses that can best help your metabolism include:

  • The twisted chair pose
  • Locus pose
  • eagle pose
  • Cresent lunge pose
  • Bow pose
  • Shoulder stand pose

All of these yoga moves along with others can help you burn fat and lose weight when done for 20 minutes at least three times a week. For optimal results add them to your daily routine and see your metabolism kickstart your body into a healthier and more energetic form.

3. Flexibility, Muscle Tone, and Strength

If you want to be more flexible, have better tone and build muscle strength yoga is a great way to do it.

This is especially true for someone with mobility issues, arthritis, back pain and other chronic pain syndromes. You can slowly stretch muscles and gain tone without adding pressure and impact compression.

It’s always important to consult a medical professional when starting a new fitness program. If you have pre-existing conditions such as knee injuries, muscle, ligament or cartilage issues it’s even more crucial to seek professional advice.

You may need rest, treatments such as knee injections or physiotherapy before adding yoga to your daily routine.

4. Improved Energy and Vitality

One of the great benefits of yoga is that it not only increases your flexibility and strength but it boosts your energy.

A regular energizing yoga routine can help you refocus your thoughts and relax your body giving you more energy to conquer the world.

5. Breathe Easier with the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been proven in studies to improve the respiratory function in the elderly and has benefits for everyone when it comes to this.

Yoga helps you regulate your breath and relieve stress. You take in more oxygen and improve circulation and respiration.

6. Improved Athletic Performance and Endurance

Many Olympic and professional athletes from every sport imaginable use yoga to improve their muscle tone, flexibility, respiration and athletic ability. Yoga is a part of many divers, swimmers, gymnasts, wrestlers, ironmen competitors and more.

Athletes are performing downward facing dogs, dolphins, lunges, and eagle poses to help improve their endurance and flexibility.

7. Protection From Injury

Another one of the benefits of yoga for athletes is that it helps prevent injuries and promote healing. Greater flexibility and muscle tone reduces the risk of getting hurt when using those muscles during other more rigorous exercises

There are many poses that target core muscles used while running and doing other sports. They will help optimize your performance and protect you from common injuries that occur.

8. Boost Immunity, Improve Overall Health, Drain Lymph Node, and Adrenal Gland Health

At the beginning of this year, a large research and review study found that yoga can help boost your immune system in a couple ways.

It has a promising anti-inflammatory effect by reducing inflammation markers in those who do it regularly.

You can also protect yourself from infections and illnesses by doing yoga by boosting your immune system.

Many inverted yoga poses help promote lymphatic system drainage and help keep you healthier and happier.

9. Improved Mental Health and Wellness

Yoga helps you reduce stress, improve respiration, circulation and improves not only your overall physical health but your mental health as well.

Women are especially prone to filling their days with tasks and responsibilities for others. Planning regular daily yoga and stretching your stress away is an excellent way to take some time for self-care

10. Lower Stress, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars and Cholesterol

On top of all the other benefits of yoga, many find it not only lowers stress but also significantly lowers things like their blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol levels.

This can reduce your risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and a myriad of other illnesses and conditions. It also lowers your risk of health complications related to stress having a double bonus when added to your regular weekly routine.

The Benefits of Yoga Go Beyond Pain Relief

Yoga isn’t just about fitness or pain relief. Though it has proven beneficial for both. It is a practice that can have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

If you’re thinking about starting a yoga routine or looking for other solutions to your health and pain issues contact us today.

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